Note of intention

This blog is a very dear and new project of mine.

The aim is to share, weekly, an article about a topic I came across, I find relevant or interesting to pin out. Mainly about various art forms, music, dance, architecture, cinema, visual arts and more, but also some philosophical/spiritual subjects, society concerns, trends or even a specific word, color or reference I have seen coming up often in medias recently..
It’s always fascinating to build or reveal the connexion between things, so a lot of the articles will associate different topics, for either self-evident reasons, or underlined ones.

Mainly about this, slightly about that.. is a title structure I am using often when I write or create.
It gives a good room for structure and adds a little twist to it, what one can call inspiration I guess!

Also! I am keeping an agenda with some pinned out events. In Brussels mainly, and some others towns as well if I think it’s a big not-to-be-missed!
The blog will be written in English mainly, and French, my mother tongue, possibly.
Sources, credits and links will be kept very accessible and transparent.





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