Creative ecosystem. Mainly about how to create your own, slightly about how to keep it in balance.

Create the balanced inner and outer environment you need to feed your soul. 5 amazing affirmations to get you started, and more explanation in the videos to make them become your reality.  Accept. Transform. Create. Trust. Expand.

and then a list of some great available and free things to watch or read online.

Accept yourself fully.

You’re so much more than what you’ve been told.


Transform so-called weaknesses into strengths.

The negative ones; Fears, wounds, limiting beliefs, traumas

The positive ones: Compassion, love, patience, care,


Create space for what inspires you.

you know when what you do or where you are feels right. Cultivate that feeling, there is something for you there.

“It shows that our personal and artistic freedom is limited to the spaces that have been attributed to us by the powers in place.”

Trust two things: your intuition and the unknown.

Intuition: Go with your guts.

Unknown: Don’t let your fears hold you back. embrace uncertainty. train your ability to adapt


Expand yourself. Speak up and live your truth.

Pick up the battle, make it a better world. You know what’s right, so just do right! It will satisfy your soul. It will bring you the kind of protection body guards can’t give you.


watch. A lot.

Read. A lot.

some cool stuff I came across

on dazed and confused about young creative woman



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