About ledv

My name is Louise Everarts de Velp. I was born and grew up in Brussels, Belgium. After some years abroad I decided to make it my home again. I’m a dancer, I teach and create my own dance projects. I also assist Douglas Becker, an American dancer and choreographer based in the city.

I have studied contemporary dance and performance at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria and at Tish, New York University of the Arts, USA.

I am currently an intern at Rosas, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s renowned dance company.

A year ago, I was starting a 3 months internship for Pierre Bismuth, a French artist, Oscar of the Best scenario for co-writing the script of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.

Every winter I go on a long trip, so far I had the chance to discover India, Thailand, Cambodia, the USA (East Coast) and plan to go to Brazil  next winter!
If you are interested in my dance projects and want to know more, here is the link to my website: http://www.ledv.be

I am happy you came across these lines, I hope you will be inspired by some of the things you will find on the blog, and that you will come back here and then, the posts and topics will be as diverse and broad as I will try them to be!

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